Changing Personal Info in Moto Droid



Bought the Moto Droid used, it works great, but its showing the person I bought it from personal info on the 'Home Lock Screen' you know the screen you get to unlock the phone.

When I got the phone the guy did a reset on the phone and it would just show the date or missed call on the Lock Screen.

This morning I did a Hard Reset (Factory Setting) to the phone and now his personal info (Name, Number, Company,) is showing up..

How do I change this? and why did it show up after a hard/factory reset?
I found this thread and I take it, it's the problem as I just downloaded the app and then found the guys info on my screen.

but how is his info still in the phone regardless? Were is his info stored on the phone that the antivirus program found it and posted it?
Im not sure what personal info your talking about location? Must be tied to an app thats synching somewhere. Your not using his google acct are you?
My lock screen shows "zero" personal information. So i would imagine as shadez, that it's an app that is feeding it some info. If you have done a factory data reset and a hard reset, then i'm not quite sure what could still be on the phone, other then maybe an item that is being pulled from the SD card. I would also format the SD card, making sure that you remove anything that you've put on there if you want it.