Samsung may buy Blackberry


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Dec 23, 2009
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People almost forget that at one time there was a company that was at the top of the industry as far as business phones are concerned. At the time the Motorola Droid released in 2009 Blackberry was making another attempt at a touch screen phone with the Storm 2. The Storm 2 was met with disappointment and many moved from it to either android or iOS and that began the downward spiral for Blackberry. Over the years Blackberry continued to try and stay relevant with tablets and various devices but could not keep up with the onslaught of Apple and Android. Now Blackberry may indeed raise the white flag as there are rumors that Samsung may purchase the company. Samsung are in it for the patents which have me asking the question if android will be privy to those same patents as Google and Samsung have a cross licensing agreement in place to protect themselves from Apple.

Source: Samsung May Be Looking To Buy BlackBerry For As Much As 7.5 Billion
Bloomberg has a good piece on this. Josh Topolsky thinks it's an attempt at a power play to crack the business market, where blackberry was king for a long time before the days of byod.

I think he's onto something.

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Blackberry still has a sizeable chunk of revenue due to their enterprise servers used for email. And that could mean something to Samsung as far as trying to gain leverage in the business market.
Now both Samsung and Blackberry are denying the acquistion news and Blackberry's stocks are down 20%.. :(
The patents alone would be worth more than 7.5 billion.

The white notification bar on the droid, do y'all remember when one of the big things that came out of rooting was the "smoked glass" themed notification bar?

Maybe I am missing something but is there something with Blackberry email client that is not already incorporated with the current email clients that are out?