[Rumor] HTC May be Working on Their Own Phablet Sized Device; Leaked Pics Tease


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Dec 30, 2010
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Some supposedly leaked pics of an unknown HTC device seem to suggest that they are working on their own 5-inch phablet style device. At a glance, it just looks like any other phone spied by Mr. Blurrycam, but if you look a bit closer, the dimensions seem to suggest a device that is larger than your typical 4.7-inch flagship. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

Chinese forums have the device pegged as the HTC Endeavor C2 — otherwise known as the One X+ — a souped up version of the One X that will feature more RAM, along with a snappier 1.7GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. Rumor also has it, the device will be compatible with existing One X accessories and although it’s tough to tell from the above pic, I suppose it’s entirely possible HTC could have squeezed an extra .3-inches on the screen onto the body without increasing the overall size. Expect this guy to launch Q4 of this year.

What do you guys think? Could a 5-inch phone be the new standard size?

Update: Also, this phone looks a tad bit like the one that Shadez posted on Saturday, so it is very possible it is the same thing.

Source: HTCOneForum via Phandroid
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If you "look closely" it "appears to be larger than 4.7"? Seriously? What do you do, measure the blurry HTC logo and then try to extrapolate? Sounds perfectly scientific to me.
To me, it looks like every other HTC device. It's no wonder HTC is failing, they are never the leader in anything innovative, but rather always bringing up the rear.