[Rumor] Google's First Ice Cream Sandwich Devices May Come as Early as October

And we can all agree there is no way in hell Verizon will be the first carrier to get an ICS phone

VZW will be the first right after, Sprint, AT&T, T-Moble, US Cellular, Virgin, and probably a few more. But right after that, they'll be first
A stock ice cream sandwich device would be fantastic but we haven't seen a stock anything on verizon since the original droid right? And who knows if they'll ever carry some version of the google nexus phone line (as much as I'd love it if they did).

You are right Diab! I haven't seen stock anything from Verizon. My understanding is that they won't allow stock anything through their doors anymore.

I just saw some interviews on the Motorola web site, that have really poisoned the Iphone for me, so I guess I'm sticking with droid and jumping to Sprint to get away from Verizon.

Maybe ICS will be available stock under Sprint?? Does anyone know??