Rooting is for the naive

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Nov 29, 2009
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Nazareth, PA
Gee, then I'm as old as the planet ... 28, oy vey.

I'm 45, and know a world without computers [GASP!]

and Cell Phones! [GGAASSPP!]

The only mistake the youngster did was in his title, which many tookoffence to, myself included and I'm not yet rooted. Besides flying I have a long history in computers too.

The way I see it, most ROMS have been ported and modified. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only one built up from source so far has been Cyanogen's.

I believe that with how many are in our community, that if a malicious ROM were let go, there would be some damage, howver communications being what they are now, it would be identified quickly, and obviously someone would have an idea where the physical person was located (or let me say I can let you know that black helicopters DO exist and we could find them :icon_ devil:)

Anyways, the intent of the OP raises a good point, it was only the way it was stated.

A majority of the dev's out there do this because they want to improve upon what was given us, they like to do it, what suprises me is that they still do it for donations.

That might be my counterpoint;

If I had a ROM as good as Cyanogens, blackdroids, BB, etc. I wouldn't have to do something malicious at all, I'd make it a paid mod, and believe me the ones that are that good, people would pay to have them.

(Ok, all you dev's stare into my virtual neuralizer now ... :motdroidvert:)

and Hey! Happy 2.1 release day :)


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Oct 30, 2009
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Well I am glad to see so many people have thoughts on this.

The sad part is this thread was unnecessary and uncalled for. I see a few posts with the general rude behavior. That we strive to not have here at DF. SO

To the OP I say we all have opinions and yours wasn't needed to open this can of worms.

To all the rooters I say. You know the risks you taks as I do.

To all the non rooters I say enjoy 2.1 :) and what it brings to your Droid.

The Droid is a great device to use everyday :). That's why they make 32 flavors after all. So we all have something we can enjoy. With that this thread is :closed_2: :icon_ devil:
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