rooting Dinc on mac question


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Feb 21, 2011
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i found this online tutorial on how to root a Dinc on a mac and i just wanted to get some other opinions on whether or not i should even try it on a mac. ive never rooted before and im seeing a few users comment saying they had troubles rooting on a mac. but i dont have access to a windows ect.

"Note: You should remove HTC Sync, and any HTC drivers from your computer before following this guide.

Go to and choose the appropriate version of unrevoked 3 to download -- Windows PC, Mac OS or Linux
Install the appropriate file on your computer
Launch unrevoked 3
Set your phone to 'charge only' mode
Connect your DROID Incredible to your computer via the supplied USB cable
The Mac and Linux versions should work immediately -- the Windows PC version will require that you install a set of drivers that are included with the installation file
Follow the on-screen instructions to root your DROID Incredible -- DO NOT disconnect your DROID Incredible from your computer until you are instructed to do so
That's it!"
Okay never mind I just did it an it worked. I have the super user app in my drawer now. But don't know where to go from here. Haha. Let me know please

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