Brand New Galaxy Mega will not connect to PC / Get error message


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Mar 27, 2012
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Reaching out the the DroidForums techies about a data/usb connection issue...

I just got a new Galaxy Mega from AT&T with the manufacturer (Samsung) cable/charger. It won't connect but it will on my Infuse, it charges my Galaxy Mega still. I also tried my old cable so my next thought was possibly a driver because both will charge the Mega but neither will "show device as connected on PC". I've tried to troubleshoot it, and I've changed USB ports on my PC.

After 30 seconds of it being plugged in, I get a pop up on phone that states:

Unable to find software on your computer that can recognize your device. Service pack 3, Windows Media Player, version 10 or higher, for Windows XP or Android File Transfer for Max OS must be installed. You can download and install Kies on your computer from SAMSUNG KIES in order to sync data with your device, back up data, and upgrade your device (Windows and Mac OS are supported).

I uninstalled/reinstalled Samsung Kies to ensure I had updated drivers. Since my last install of Kies, I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro with the 8.1 update -but it said the program was compatible. I plugged in the phone after the Kies setup, it immediately went into "Connecting" but never connected. I did a few restarts on phone and PC for safe measures, enabled USB debugging in developer mode...and now I'm out of ideas. The Samsung site has zero downloads for it beyond Kies. There customer support did not have a solution beyond trying a new cable.

But it works with my old phone so I'm determined to figure out a solution. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you very much.