WiFi + Kies to SYNC - Kies via Wi-Fi - Scan for Kies air server - No Devices


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Jul 2, 2012
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I have a Galaxy S III (S3) and trying to use the Kies to SYNC via WiFi feature.
Using the most up to date version of Kies for PC (

I followed the instructions on the link in the Kies PC app “Wi-Fi Connection Setup Guide” and when I perform the “SCAN” feature on the Galaxy SIII Kies air application > the app keeps reporting “Scan for Kies air server > No Devices”.

I went as far as to completely turn off Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials (my Anti-Virus), and re-attempt with no better success.

However, when I use the “START” feature of the Kies air application, I have no problems connecting via my browser to “http : //192.168.x.x:8080” to access the Kies air web page.

I can also easily access the Samsung Galaxy S III via Wi-Fi for device / folder browsing.

The goal here is having the ability to SYNC my PC and Galaxy device using Kies, as advertised / documented, instead of having to use the provided USB cable.

Thanks in advance for any input, help & feedback that the group can provide.

Device details:

Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) (S III)
Android version 4.0.4 (ice cream sandwich)
Baseband I747MVLLE8