how to root Incredible?


Apr 30, 2011
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i used unrevoked, and rooted Incredible for a while ago,
tried many times to install driver in my computer.

how did u root your Inc.?
I can't figure it out either, I have a topic a couple rows up so ill be checking on both

sent from my beast DROID 3
Are you on 2.2? Did you follow the tutorial that's stickied in the Inc sections?
quertyman, responded to your PM but just thought of something else. Unrevoked doesn't work with all versions of Mac OS so trying on a Windows machine is probably your best bet.
I have a question about the How to Root Your Incredible instructions.

I have an HTC Incredible using 2.2 and I am using Windows 7 to do this rooting process.
I followed the excellent intstructions and everything worked fine until I reached the point of;
On Windows (only), open the Device Manager and verify that you see the "Android for ADB"

When I do this I don't see "Android for ADB", what I see in the device manager under Android Phone is;
Android Composite ADB Interface

Is this OK? Is it safe to proceed with running Reflash?

If this is not OK what did I do wrong?