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Feb 18, 2011
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This is MIUI, based on WIUI for Defy and CyanogenMod 9 for Droid 2 Global.
If you have bug/issue comments, please post them, but this is a dev thread, not general discussion.
Miui V4 Stable b5 for Droid 2 Global

DISCLAIMER: Install at your own risk. Neither DroidForums or I are responsible for any damages that arise from installing this rom.

What works:
CDMA Radio (I can not test it, because I'm a GSM user)
GSM !!
Bluetooth (works for most that have tested)
DSP Manager
Google Talk
SD Card
Voice Input
Hardware Acceleration (no reported issues)
Charging (when phone is turned off has some glitches)
1% battery increments
What doesn't work:
Camera ( the camera works in part, with Puddingcamera.apk of 10 attempts, 9 runs, no video, only pictures )
Known bugs + workarounds:
- First boot very long
- Sometimes restart option not working perfectly
- GPS must be turned on and off through settings or notification bar, NOT a 3rd party app like Quick Settings (May be an app issue, rather than flaw with ROM; low priority)
Pls read before you will try ICS ROM!

Don't forget! This is still beta version.​

On my device working very well for one week. (GSM Call, SMS, WiFi, Market, Apps...)
But of course Rom has got many bugs, I implemented all CM9 and MIUI v4 bugs into one ROM
If you want help to me and users, PLS post useful feedback.
Pls don't post compatibility problem, because some app from market don't like ICS, or don't like CM9 or don't like MIUI.
If you will find solution/apps for CM9 or MIUI v4 on the net, pls post it to this topic,
if you want better ROM to your devices.
If you like what I do, use Thanks button, remember, I'm no dev, just a MIUI fan.
CyanogenMod (obviously).
bikedude880 for the D2G-specific files.
x13thAngelx for consolidating repos, fixing rotation/sensor issues, the 1% battery hack.
Wajk for the WajkIUI rom used as a base.
bobcaruso for fix phone.apk and CDMA data.
Install Instructions:
Back to GB stock, root and install rom manager.
Reboot into recovery
Wipe data, wipe cache, go advanced and wipe dalvik cache.
Flash MIUI V4 for D2G.zip
After ROM loads, if you see 'Activate your phone', press 'Skip' (your this is for VZ activation, which you don't need).
Click OK if you see the pop up warning
WARNING: It is very important that you return to GB stock, either via nandroid or sbf, before install ICS MIUI, otherwise you will have bootloop.​

PD: takes a while to start the first time, after the second or third reboot, everything works better ... if Puddingcamera.apk not work, delete it and download it from the market: https://play.google....ingCamera&hl=es
If you get the warning: com.android. phone has stoped enable airplane mode, select the network and off airplane mode.

Download: d2g_miui_ics_b5_5.zip

Mirror: [ROM][MOD] MIUI V4 Stable (ICS) b5 - MULTiLanguage
I prefer the white on black menus of GB but since this isn't 100% stock vanilla ICS it's hard to say for sure whether I like ICS. Just not many blurfree roms for the D2G.
If you get the warning: com.android. phone has stoped enable airplane mode, select the network and off airplane mode.

Having this issue, the thing I don't get is how do you select the network when on airplane mode, because that button turns grey and you can't enter that menu, even quickly disabling airplane mode and entering the menu the error appears...
Tap data toggle for 4 seconds and you can get network settings.

Enviado desde mi DROID2 GLOBAL usando Tapatalk
i'm install this firmware on my global, but network is blocked, how i can paste unlock code?
Works pretty good, just reinstalled after I got the bootloop from my own mistake. My only thing is why no app drawer? I'm using launcher pro plus currently. Other than that everything is great.

I installed this ROM yesterday and I'm liking the look of it over all, so thanks! I can't seem to get the hardware keyboard to light up, I've turned the auto brightness off and on but no luck. Neflix also fails to play which I assume is just Flash.
Great rom, thanks DC.

I know its an old topic but just recently started dabbling with custom ROMs and thus far this release of MIUI is the best I've tried.
Only things I've noticed wrong:

Using SwiftKey & typing on the physical keyboard, there is constantly a notification for 'select input method'

For some reason it can't run the newest es file explorer.

Other than that it works superb.