MIUI v4 Now Available for the Droid 2


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Oct 6, 2011
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Droid 2 users announcing more development for your device. Developer "BeansTown106" is currently working on MIUI v4 for your device. This is everything that you love from MIUI such as the IOS style icons, ios style folder and launcher, MIUI apps, MIUI widgets, MIUI theme chooser, all the customization you get with MIUI like custom walls, custom ringtones, notifictaions, custom lockscreen, and tons more, but it is built on the Ice Cream Sandwich framework so you get all the functionality and performance of ICS. This is still in the very early alpha stages. Much of this rom is broken for now. In fact it was released and then the download link was quickly pulled. The Rom is currently in a stage where it will boot up but that is about all for now. It gets no service and tons of other bugs, but this is still exciting news for those of you who are still holding on firmly to your aging Droid 2 device. The Beta with much more functionality and usability is expected to drop any time now. So be sure to check out the thread for updates!
Like I said before this is in its Early Alpha stages. A list of Bugs from the developer includes:No SignalNo adbProb some moreBUT ITS BOOTING :)We look forward to see a working version of this Rom Check out the Thread Here


Dec 20, 2010
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Fort Collins, CO
This has gotta be a sign. I just upgraded from my Droid 2 to a Droid 4. Now all this stuff for the D2 is coming out. It's insane.