MIUI V5 Has Been Ported Over To The Moto G


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Oct 6, 2011
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MIUI started off as a rom that was built to strongly resemble IOS. It quickly turned a into a rom that could give you any OS look you wanted from IOS, to Android, to Windows or just a totally custom look. With MIUI you still get lots of custom options including custom apps. The Rom is so popular that the Xiaomi phones that the rom runs on stock are setting up to sell more than companies like Samsung. This rom has now been ported to the Moto G.

It is still in the alpha stage but most functions are working just fine. Whats working includes Calls, data, sms, boots, wifi, bluetooth, video playback, camera both video and photo, audio both record and playback, sensors, flash, and led. Whats not working is a much smaller list including no calls/data/sms in daulsim mode, gps is not working properly (there is a fix), and HDR hangs the Miui camera (you can fix this by using the Google camera instead). This is a pretty well rounded build to be alpha, and you should be able to use it as a daily driver. Grab the video from the link below.

via XDA