MIUI V5 Is Now Avaialable For The Verizon LG G3!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have not seen or used the MIUI rom in quite some time. MIUI takes ques from IOS in its styling, but is also one of the most customizable roms around. You can pretty much make it look as much like IOS or as much like Android as you like. There are even themes available to give your devices an ICS look or a Kit Kat look as well as earlier Android builds. I was surprised to see MIUI released on the LG G3 since we are still waiting on a build of CyanogenMod. This is V5 of the rom which is based on 4.4.2. The only known bug so far is that you need to physically create a folder for your screenshots. Folder should be created as Sdcard/DCIM/Screenshots. Gapps are included in the rom so no need to flash those separately. Just boot into recovery, wipe data, and flash rom. The rom does appear to be in Chinese which would make it a no go for most of you. It is still fun to play with and there may be a way to change the language to English in the settings. Head to the link below for the install.

via XDA