Android 5.0 Lollipop Build Leaked To LG G3


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you were wondering how long it would take LG to roll out the 5.0 OTAs for the LG G3 it appears that the wait will not be long at all. You can actually install Lollipop to your LG G3 now thanks to a leaked build brought to you by "timmytim". He has released a "test KDZ" which can be easily flashed using the LG Flash tool. It looks like this is only available for the international F400s variant for now. This is still good news for the rest of us. This build should provide developers what they need to build Lollipop roms for the rest of our G3 variants. The G3 skin looks mostly unchanged other than the inclusion of a few LP goodies. It should be noted that this is a test build and is not official. The firmware has given some users issues. You should also know that since this is a KDZ it may update your bootloader which may not be downgradeable. It may also patch up root and BUMP unlock so use this at your own risk. You can grab the download link from the source link below.


Images via Droidviews