Rhapsody issues


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Nov 27, 2010
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So i have Liberty 1.5 installed, and along with other roms that ive used such as Rubix, windows media usb connectivity is lost. I believe this creates a problem with Rhapsody trying to recognize the device, because it used to only recognize it when connected under windows media usb. Ive tried every other usb option, and none seem to work. Is there anyone who has come across this issue but has a fix? i would really like to use my DX as a Rhapsody To Go Device again.

EDIT: So i was looking around at some forums and i guess the only way to have the DX work with Rhapsody is to have it under MTP mode. Is there any way to install the MTP driver for the DX? i think it was removed for the liberty, but it is there a way to restore this?
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