Replaced screen in A855 not working! Please help!


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May 28, 2012
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My phone recently took a nasty tumble and cracked, and the only thing that kept the glass together was the screen protector. Keep in mind that this phone does not have insurance. The screen still worked, i had no issues, I didn't even get poked all that bad by continuing use of the phone. I bought a replacement digitizer from a group off of Amazon (right here) and a Kobalt torx screwdriver from Lowes, and watched a few tutorials with a friend, then watched them again, pausing appropriately as the phone was taken apart.

New screen was installed, came on beautifully and clear, but the touch screen is not working. Sound is working, I can see when I receive texts and phone calls and voicemails, but I cannot get to them. Took the replacement screen out and put the broken one back in, now that one is not working either. Did I buy a bad digitizer or break one of the ribbons? Is there an important step left out of the tutorials? I notice that none of them really show that backwards process of putting the darned thing back together.

Please help!!
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I also have a digitizer that for no clear reason is not working. I recently purchased a used Droid 3 with a cracked screen but in otherwise perfectly working condition. Ordered a new digitizer, took it all apart and replaced the cracked one, phone starts fine but I have no touch control (I can power off the phone using the keypad), took everything apart again to make sure all connections were secure, put it back together, still nothing...
disassembled the phone for a third time to re-install the cracked glass, still no touch control (phone boots fine with keyboard)... I only see one connection between the digitizer and the ribbon on the back of the lcd, and one connection between that ribbon and the motherboard, all connections are tight and I see no damage anywhere... I'm lost, I hope any solution you find can help me as well, Good Luck