Droid A855 Touchscreen replacement


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Apr 12, 2011
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I was given a Droid since the touchscreen was not working. At first the previous owner said only the right 1/4 screen was not working. However that quickly spread to the rest of the screen. I purchased a new digitizer screen replacement and a tool kit. Last night I was able to finish taking the phone apart to get to the touch screen. I installed the new one, and inserted it's flex cable into the slot. Then I reassembled the rest of it. When I turned it on, much to my dismay, I could not unlock it. Then the program I have to auto unlock it kicked in, so I was at the desktop. The touchscreen seemed to work, as i could swipe around, and pull down the menu. Then I loaded up an app and it worked. SO I thought it was all good. But then I tried to click a button in the app. This didn't' register. I tried some other apps, and some parts of the screen seems to work and others do not. It does not appear to be a full column of the screen just splotches. I also noted that when I click buttons, the upper button is activated.

My question is this. Is there a way to calibrate the screen so that it works properly. And what else could be the problem, assuming that the new digitizer works properly? Thanks!