Recovery roms frequently damages the D3?


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Jan 25, 2012
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AsI always liketo try newroms dancedroidI have to abuse backups to go back to my original rom. My doubt is:There may be damage or failure in the device to use as many recoveries?

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I am not aware of any damage from flashing a bunch. Have personally flashed about every rom for the d1 and d3 with no hassle.

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I've flashed so many sbf files on my d2 that I lost count! Lol It still works better than new. My d3 fastboot file is right on my desktop. I use it to start clean every time I get ready to try a new rom. Never had any problems :)

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I doubt that there is any damage but it seems like way too much work to erase and restore the stock from over and over. There is a genius solution that a Droid 3 developer named Hashcode invented called safestrap though. It creates a partition on your SD card and allows you to test out or use custom roms from your SD card leaving the stock alone and in tact, hence the name (safestrap).

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