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Nov 7, 2009
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I ordered the bionic extra capacity battery from Verizon for half price with free shipping. Today I get a call from my wife saying that FedEx left a tag at the door. ARE YOU KIDDING? For a $25.00 battery they require a signature? The only reason I. Ordered online was to get the deal. Now I have no battery and I'm going away tomorrow. Sending it right back. This past Christmas, I got a 40 " tv, 2 printers, 2 hard drives, and a surround system. All online, all delivered with no signature required and no problems. I wonder if that battery was taken, if Verizon would have called out the National Guard?

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Verizon always requires signature. I think FedEx in general does. So there's no reason for you to be getting upset over this.

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Aug 31, 2010
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Sad thing is the signature can be by anyone ..
Fedex wouldn't register my old address. I was south main, but they could find north Main and delivered my stuff there all the time. Thankfully those people were nice. I would let them know to expect a package .. they signed every time even though it was in my name.

And i do believe on Verizon's checkout it states signature required.

Best Buy delivered an oven to my house one time. My brother was staying the weekend, I was asleep he answered the door and signed. He had no clue. LOL.. being a holiday weekend the driver showed backup 3 days later, worried about losing his job, this time I answered the door, "what oven, I signed for nothing".... jokingly I opened the door wider as it still sits there...

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