Purple hue in center of camera? New build phone 16/10

Jul 6, 2010
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So i thought everything was perfect, i was in lala land, but right after my dpad cracked, i notice all my pictures have magenta purple circle in the middle. I thought this issue had been fixed.... i have a new build phone, and I have the bubbled keyboard so im reluctant to ask for an insurrance claim already, only bought it a month ago.

Should i wait till there's more issues? And what's the update on asurion replacing phones? Will the droid 2 be the replacement after it is released?

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You should ask for the replacement now. If you have the Droid you might get the Droid X if you have the Droid X you will get he Droid X. If they don't carry the phone any more then you would get the new version but they can charge you extra for it.
yeah I heard that the Inc and Droid X were being offered now, or will be soon with limited supply. But I would not take an incredible for exchange only maybe an X, I would still prefer a Droid 1 or Droid 2 cause of the physical keyboard. Ahh I dont know what to do. And this purple hue seems to be getting worse every day. Is it a lens appiration?