PSX4DROID Game Compatibility List

MGS work for me but vr mission one.
marvel vs capcom
Tenchu Stealth Assassin is slow
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 work as well.
MGS VR mission work on previous psx4droid version i think mess up the emulator with every update.

On july MGS VR mission was working perfect without glitches.

I've only gotten MGS VR Missions to work, and even then, only a few of the missions work. Let us know if you're able to get any of those to work.

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Don't know what version finally fixed it but Distruction Durby 2 now works amazingly well!!!!

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Switching from the iPhone to the android i was under the impression that the games would be the same, and honestly i never would have imagined that these games are so much fun to play. Definitely
I am looking forward to play these games
Carmageddon on my LG Vortex

I used to play this game on my computer all the time and loved it. Does anyone have the URL so I can download it on my droid. Thanks
I wanna play games with emulator. It it working correctly? From where I can download it?