Android Programer needed for a Unique 2D Horror game project!


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Sep 25, 2011
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Hello, my name is Reginald Robinson from Baltimore, Maryland. Recently, I started developing a 2D horror game for the Android phone. However, I need a programer to help bring this unique game to life. The concept of this project is similar to a video game called "Fatal Frame". The majority of the game is finished, but we need a programer to put all the pieces together (if the programer can do some 3D that would be great too). What we have the following components finished:
1. Music
2. Sound Effects
3. The 2D Imagery
4. All the levels are done (13 levels all together with 2 demo levels)
5. HUD/Title Screen/Menu/ Stage Select Interface
To give you a better idea of how the game works, I have artwork, a tutorial and a quick playable demo of the game. We will share this with anyone who may interested in joining the team to put this game together.
Please note that this is an independent project and I do not have the funds to pay anyone up front. However, if this game is developed, a portion of any money made from purchases will go towards your programming fee/services.

If anyone is interested you can e-mail me here