My reviews of some Gameloft Games


Mar 7, 2010
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I have recently played a bunch of Gameloft games and will share reviews to help others make buying decisions. All games were played on a Droid 1 overclocked to 800 mhz.

NOVA 8/10
This is a good Halo clone with a decent storyline and good graphics and sounds. FPS on a cell phone is tricky to control but Gameloft did as well as can be expected. I never tried the multiplayer, so my review is for single player only. Graphics get a little choppy at times but for the most part the game is playable.

GT Racing Motor Academy 8/10
Even more problems with graphics here. Doesn't look like it was well optimized for Android. Major framerate problems during rainy races. Still, the gameplay is great. I loved the music and # of cars to select/collect. I spent 50 hours on this one so that should tell you something. Other notable bugs: engine sounds cut out at times, and sometimes your car stops randomly, like it crashed when you did not. This happens approx 1/10 races.

It even had some rally races! Cool replays remind me of Gran Turismo, and are easy to upload to youtube.

Dungeon Hunter 6/10
I liked this one a lot less than I thought I would (overrated imo). Choppy graphics with lots of onscreen action, undeveloped story, background graphics block your character. I did not like the music much either, although that could be personal taste. The gameplay was more repetitive than I'd hoped. I played as mage, but perhaps a different character would have been more fun. Not a bad game but my least favorite Gameloft game so far. I suspect it is a much better game on a more powerful device.

Hero of Sparta 8/10
I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would (underrated imo). It is not as good as God of War but is still great. The graphics were a bit uneven; characters seemed pretty low res, but the backgrounds were amazing. Music was awesome. Lots of combos and they change with each of the 5 different weapons. Framerate was not great but was stable except for the last boss. Actually, all of the Gameloft games had framerate issues but Sparta had the least. Game is a bit short but is highly recommended.

Let me know what you guys think of these games. Next I will review other Gameloft games like Let's Gold 2, Modern Combat 1, Spiderman, and also Zenonia 2 by Gamevil.

Also, I plan to get an Experia Play soon and will update the reviews based on how well the games play on this more powerful device.