Top 10 Best Paid Android Games


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Dec 18, 2013
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Here list has the 10 paid andriod games, which one you like best?

1. Robo Defense (review) – as a fan of tower defense games, Robo Defense stacks up with the best. Open maps, solid graphics and excellent upgrades, this will make any TD gamer happy

2. Fruit Ninja (review) – like its iPhone brother, Fruit Ninja is all about cutting up fruit and earning bigger points

3. SNESoid (review) – play all of your favorite SNES games right from your device

4. HomeRun Battle 3D (review) – a quirky sports game with online play, multiple game modes, and a casual but exciting experience

5. Abduction! 2 (review) – a Doodle Jump clone with plenty of new features and power-ups

6. HyperJump (review) – launch a creature higher and higher by collecting coins and power-ups along the way

7. Zenonia (review) – a fantastic mobile RPG with all the fixings that’d you’d expect from the genre

8. WOW Keyboard (review) – play World of Warcraft directly from your mobile device

9. Angry Birds (review) – the chart topping, bird tossing game is now available on Android, even on cheap phone

10. Voice Music (review) – let your voice become a musical instrument as its converted into a keyboard

To see all the videos, check out techcrunch.
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