Pocketgamer reviews Gameloft iPhone to Android ports


Mar 7, 2010
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Part 1 (Nexus One)
Group test: Gameloft?s 3D Android games, part 1 Android

Part 2 (HTC Desire)
Group test: Gameloft?s 3D Android games, part 2 Android

Most games do not run as well as iPhone counterparts. Frame rates are lower and controls are less precise (multi-touch not always working for some reason).

I have played NOVA on the Droid and can testify that the multi-touch was flaky at times and the frame rate sometimes struggled. Still, I recommend NOVA as I enjoyed the game as it impressed me that this could be accomplished on a cell phone. I also have Dungeon Hunter but haven't played this yet - I will report back after putting in some play time.

I would like to know if the games run any better on Android 2.2. Not interested in overclocked results though - I'm not going to hack my phone and take that kind of risk.


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Jul 11, 2010
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Dungeon Hunter is the best game I've ever played on a cell phone to this day.. than again I was always a HUGE fan of the Diablo (2/LOD) Series years ago, so this just brought back alllll kinds of memories.

GREAT graphics, amazing gameplay, flawless controls (I use tap and attack controls)

I also got the modern warfare looking game, and I was also amazed by this game, GREAT multitouch functions, I guess I've never really played with an iPhone long enough to see they even had those games but I was amazed this game worked on a cell phone...Ive never seen a FPS where you could actually move like you would on a system...so I was in shock. ONLY thing I had problems with on this game was when I was under heavy heavy fire it would lag a little.

Anyway I'm gonna play Dungeon Hunters right now :p