Problems with youtube and keeping connected to wifi


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Mar 20, 2011
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I'm deployed at the moment so I have to use what wifi I can get. I figured the random disconnecting from wifi here was due to the routers here I'm connected to and their settings...and that I'm on a droid 1 (probably the largest issue). Last night I downloaded a few apps and not soon after I get on youtube and I can't stream anything for longer than 5 seconds, even other flash apps were having issues. I decided to factory reset my phone and after everything was done I tried watching youtube again and still the same issues. This time I couldn't even add my account to youtube. Tried doing another factory reset and tried out some antivirus apps for the heck of it, nothing fixed. Perhaps my phones done for? Wifi's still acting up too but is tolerable. Anyone have any clue what could be going on?

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