Problems with Droid, Visual VM, and more


May 29, 2010
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My Wife and I were driving yesterday having a conversation. When we got home several hours later she received a notice from her visual voice-mail that a new message had arrived. When she checked message it was a recording of our conversation from hours earlier! The message said it was sent from my droid but when I checked my phone there was no log of me calling her phone at all that day. I had taken my phone into a Verizon store the day before because of a issue a had with the usb port. Before I had a hance to even explaine my problems with the phone, the rep grabbed it, ran to the back for 20 minutes then returned to tell me that my phone was fine. I asked how could he know it was fine if I never had a chance to explaine to him the problem it had in the first place. I asked why would he just grab my phone from the counter without me first having a chance to remove my sdcard. Maybe I have "sensitive data" I don't want him seeing! I asked for the manager. She came out and he told her that my phone was fine and that I was mistaken(a liar)! She asked waht the problem was with the phone, I explained that my usb port was faulty and when she checked sure enough it wouldn't connect to her pc. Sad part was that neither she or her co-worker apoligized to me at all. They just ordered another"refurb" for me and told me I should be more careful with my Droid! I told them that this was the worst service I had ever received from them being a 10 long year customer! The rep gave me a slick kind a smirk and then just walked away. His manger didn't reprimand him at all, and the next day my phone starts recording my conversations. Did this guy do something to my phone?
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