Problem Recharging in the Cradle


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Dec 9, 2009
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Seattle, Washington
Ran into an odd problem last night recharging my Droid. As is my habit, I placed it in the cradle (Mikradle) and attached the recharge cable before going to bed.. At the time, the battery showed 30%. Six hours later it had crept up to 60%. I found that surprising since the droid usually recharges from 60% to 100% in less than an hour. (The Droid usually doesn't drain to less than 50% before I reconnect it to the wall charger.)

Checked the connection and everything seemed OK. Phone showed it was charging. But an hour later it was still at a 60% charge. Shut the phone off and turned it back on. Still wouldn't recharge above 60%. Pulled it from the wall charger cable and attached it to the original USB cable from my laptop. It almost immediately showed a 70% charge and appears to be charging normally.

Too many vairables to determine just what's going on here yet but I'm wondering if others have experienced similar odd behavior with recharging while the phone is in dock mode.
Recently I have an issue with the Droid not charging while being connected via USB and the Motorola Dock. The other thing I notice is that the device is not mountable. What could be causing this??
For the record, I've been unable to reproduce the problem I noted in the original post. So mark it down to sunspots.

As for the second poster's problem, I'd suggest changing out the cable and see if the problem persists.
do the dock wiggle

Had the same problem. Phone needs to be carefully seated in Motorola cradle. Wiggle it back n forth until battery indicates charging.
If you do it correctly, won't go into standby.
FWIW, since the Motorola Dock has it's connector is open on the top, open to dust, try blowing it out occasionally with compressed air. Same for the connector on the phone. Lots of dust and debris can accumulate there and the connection becomes flaky at times.