Problem changing Picasa account


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Nov 26, 2010
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I set up a Picasa account in "My Accounts" but then realized it was the wrong account (I have 3 gmails and my picasa web albums is not associated with my default gmail account). So I deleted the first Picasa account and added the other one. Seemed fine. Then I went to gallery and tried to upload pix to Picasa. But DROID only offered me the original Picasa account. Even clicking the down arrow did not offer the other account (DROID only allows 1 Picasa account at a time).

I have deleted, rebooted, deleted, added, all ad infinitum. I've even delted the account, rebooted, gone directly to gallery and added the picasa account there only to be offered only the original (wrong) Picasa account.

This is really quite ridiculous. I hardly want to do a factory reset just for Picasa. There has to be a way to fix this. Any suggestions? :icon_evil:
Problem solved. The answer is: do not add a "picasa account." Instead, just add a "google account" that has web albums activated. The native DROID 2 gallery app will recognize all google accounts that have web albums activated and allow you to choose between then when you "share" to to Picasa.
that's odd. The d2g doesn't even allow adding a picasa account. Nor accessing your web albums from Moto's Gallery app. I'm hoping using a stock android Gallery will enable this.