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I like QuickPic too.

But I do like the MotoCast integration in Gallery.
I've got the opposite problem. I don't have a picasa account, I don't use picasa, and I don't ever plan on using picasa.

But ever since the OTA update 2 weeks ago, my droid bionic gives me a daily warning saying that picasa wants to have permission to access my google account. Every fricking day I click on "deny" and every fricking day I am asked again if I want it to have access.

I don't even use the stock album since it is such crap nowadays. I use the old-style "gallery" that I downloaded from the market the day I got my bionic.

So why is this picasa crap so invasive? Do I need to re-root my phone and neuter the crap gallery?

Thanks in advance!

go into your accounts and make sure you don't have "sync picasa web albums" checked. This should only be there if you downloaded the stock android gallery but that's what it sounds like.

okay, I can't really back any of this up.
UPDATE: I have google's two step verification on. With two-step verification enabled, to add the "Picasa (gallery)" or "YouTube (gallery)" accounts under settings > accounts > add account, you need to use google's application specific passwords, along with your google accounts login email:

Signing in using application-specific passwords


I am running into a similar issue. When I go to settings > accounts > add account > "Picasa (gallery)", I enter my gmail username/password, and it says, "Error: Your username or password is incorrect. Please check them and try again." I am 100% positive I am entering my correct google account username/password. I get the same thing when I try to add my youtube account to the razr. I can upload photos to my picasa web albums via the camera, but cannot see picasa photos in the gallery because this link is not established.

Both my picasa and youtube accounts existed before they were linked to my google account. I wonder if somehow the username/password it is looking for is what I originally used when those accounts were created? I have no idea what those were, since the convenience of linking everything through google pretty much removed those.

Any help is appreciated.

That is rather strange. When you go to settings> accounts> add account> you don't see a "Picasa (gallery)" option?

I'm running stock Razr, that account worked well for me since day one.

Then when you go to stock gallery, click on the "online" button, you should have access to all your web albums.

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