Gallery wont connect to Picasa bypasses to new account


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Sep 8, 2011
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I'm new to this but i wanted to upload some of the phone's photos to Picasa and whether it's from Gallery or PicSay, When I click on the double arrow icon to share, it gives me a list of who to share with, I choose Picasa it starts to bring up the caption, album screen. But it immediately goes to "add a Google Account." I click next and have the option of signing in which when i do it says that account is already on this phone. I added my wife's account and it worked, however it only worked ONCE. It's like it's auto-verifying it incorrectly or something. Everything else Google related seems to work. I can go to the Picasa website from phone and it will auto logon. Any suggestions?

It is a rooted droid 3 running launcher Pro, TB, and Juice Defender. I have the typical verizon apps, etc. Frozen out Nothing deleted. :frown:
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well i guess it would have helped if picasa authenticator had been running... i did have it frozen after all... but even defrosted and rebooted... it's still doing the same thing. The only difference is that now i have the option of adding an account under Picasa on the Quick Upload option. However when i choose Picasa it doesn't seem to recognize my Login/Pass from google. Soooo messed up. uhhhh... isn't this supposed to work with all google proggies? Guess not
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