Picasa tool won't mms correct photo


Aug 1, 2010
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Silver Spring, MD
I had two photos on my computer that I wanted to share with someone who I only had a cell number for, not their email address. So I uploaded both photos from my computer to my Picasa Web account. Then on my Droid2, using Picasa Tool, I found the photos and selected to "share" the first one using the native text messaging app. It went out and the recipient got it. I selected the second photo, hit "share", used the text message app and sent it out. The recipient got the first photo again, not the second. Also, my copy of the sent text showed the first photo. Duplicated the attempt to send the second photo, and the recipient got the first, as well as my copy. I deleted the first photo from Picasa Web, and tried again to send the second. Recipient got the first photo, my copy was the first. I deleted both photos from Picasa Web, modified and made a second copy of the second photo on the computer, uploaded that one to Picasa web, and then sent it to a different Droid2 to be sure the correct photo went out. It did. My copy showed the second photo. So from that other phone, I forwarded the text (mms) to the original recipient, and she still got the first photo, even though the second phone only had the second photo in it. What is going on here? She finally sent me her email address and I sent her the two photos via email from my computer.
Seems to be two issues here; my phone keeps referencing the first photo, and so does the recipient's iPhone.
Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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