Prettier Folders for DX? :3


Jun 15, 2010
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Orlando, FL
Well to make this simple, I'd like prettier-looking folders for my Droid X. I know there are apps like App Mate and App Organizer, and such, but I dislike them for one reason: you have to go into the app and add app shortcuts to the folder through it, rather than just dragging them into it straight from the home screen. :/

I love the simplicity of simply dragging/dropping apps into the normal folders, but I dislike the looks of those folders. :( Is there an app or something to make those folders prettier? :O!

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I'm in the same boat. I have downloaded probably every folder app and every organizer app in the market. I don't like the way they organize our the design of the folders, etc.

I just want an app with a database of pretty folders. I don't want them to organize anything for me. I'm happy with the icon of each app. Heck i'd be happy just being able to change the color of the folders. I've even tried theme apps.

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There is no good solution for this at this time..hope it comes with 2.3

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I mean, the brown folders don't bother me but some better looking folders would be nice. :) Maybe I will have to wait then.

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Try folder organizer and choose the widget shortcuts. They load the fastest and you can assign any icon from the iconsets that you download from the market. My homescreen looks super cool

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If you guys want to change the look of the stock folder, then you will probably have to root and try to find the corresponding icons, and theme them however you like. Otherwise You're stuck.
Please tell more. I'm rooted and have the same issue. I want it to match the rest of my launcher pro icons. Where can I find the folder icons, where would I search.

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I'm in a similar boat. I don't necessarily care to reorganize the folders, I just want more options regarding the folders themselves (look and color mainly). If rooted is my only option, then maybe I'm stuck, because I don't want to root my phone. I have no real need to. I like everything about my phone (DX), except for maybe the folders and the app icons. Otherwise, I have no desire to root it. I rooted the original Droid and, after a week, went back to stock. I just want better looking folders. If I can get that, I'll live with the app icons.
I use Folder Organizer ($1.35 or so) and love it. You can make folders just like the iPhones where you can see whats in the folder from screen. I agree that those ugly brown folders are silly and need an update bad.