Create folders on the home screen (not the moto ones)


Jul 18, 2010
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I've searched all over. Maybe someone can point me in the direction if i've missed a thread, but I'm just looking to add folders to the home screen to organize tools, games, apps, etc. I've got Astro File Manager and want to add a folder that looks like one of those, not the folders you can add by long tapping the home screen. I was looking for something more asthetically pleasing. I've created all the folders I want in Astro and would simply like to move them.
So you want like...a simple games folder that if you click it it shows you the 10 games icons that you have installed?

I would love to do this as well.
I ended up downloading launcherpro plus. It's a home screen replacement app. They have a beta version for free, but the 2.99 paid version is way worth it. You can just add folders like you add apps. I like the look of the launcherpro folders much more than stock moto ones. If you don't want to mess with another home screen just long tap your screen and select new folder. Not sure if you've seen that, but you should be able to just get a game folder like that.