Pre-Order Xoom at Best Buy for $1,199

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Apr 23, 2010
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What the what?! Best Buy has just put up word on when you can pre-order the Motorola Xoom -- this coming Thursday, February 17th -- and a price, $1,199. There are "great" financing offers available, but we can't get over this price we're seeing. Our only hope is that this may be a placeholder number, which will get revised soon, though it's live on Best Buy's site and there's nothing to really indicate it's a mistake. Moreover, that 1-month data activation requirement we noted recently is indeed real, meaning you'll need to pay a levy to Verizon as well before you get your Android 3.0 groove on.

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I was hoping Motorola would compete with the ipad price wise. I think think that price is too high.

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If anyone pays that kind of money for a tablet then I suggest a head examination and they should be able to afford it if they can pay this.

Then again who knows how many foreclosures have been caused by phones/tablets and peoples needs to have "the latest."

Rumored price was around 800.00 which I felt was steep too.
There is no way I would be purchasing the Xoom at this price -
Well I "was" excited but for that price I will wait for the price to come down. I feel like I'm buying a car with all this sticker shock.
I would buy a laptop with $1200. Actually, I wouldn't. My buddy just built one and gave it to me. $1200 is absurd.
Ok now I know how much stuff I have to sell so I can buy this. Anyone want to buy both of my kidneys?
Best Buy often does this early on before the product is available. I'm not going to try it, but you probably couldn't order it even if you wanted to. I'm betting that the actual price will be more in line with the rumors - either $699 or $799. Only time will tell. :)
Even at the $799 price as soon as the IPad 2 comes out in a month the Xoom will be toast. Both will have micro sd slot and front and rear facing cameras. I currently have a IPad original and it has replace my HP 2140 net book in my daily usage in all areas other than lthe creation of more complicated spreadsheets. I was all ready to get the Xoom to see if I could have both my phone and tablet both be running an android OS but not at the price in the ad nor if the Xoom is more than what I can get the IPad 2 for.
That is absolutely outrageous. I could get a REALLY nice laptop, that will do more, and run circles around that tablet for $1200.

I think that they are insane to take what is essentially a glorified phone, without the phone, and charge $1200 for it.

It isn't worth the $800 they were originally rumored to charge for it.

When sales suck, they will quickly realize their mistake.

You can get an iPad for much less, that is proven, has the apps and has a great track record for a lot less than that.

Motorola is retarded.
Yeah, I just checked, you can get a Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro for that amount. And on the Windows side of things, $1200 buys you a really kickass laptop.

I just don't see how they justify the price premium for a new, unproven platform, that doesn't do nearly as much as a laptop...

Is it just because it is marginally smaller? The cool factor?
This is a great example of why the Chinese knock these things off and we buy them.
This is a great example of why the Chinese knock these things off and we buy them.

Yeah, and who can blame them?

With the economy where it is, do they really think that people are going to shell out over a grand, plus a data plan in order to unlock the wifi port, for what is not much more than a large phone with the phone part removed?
Motorola has clearly shoot themselves in the foot with this one. Course this should have been expected look at how over priced the docks are for the Atrix. The company just must not understand what competitive pricing means.