Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 Available at Best Buy Brick & Mortars for Pre-Order


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Although Verizon has not been very forthcoming when it comes to an actual release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on their network, you can already get their version of the device for pre-order at Best Buy. Unfortunately it isn't available online, so you will have to go into a physical location, either a Best Buy store or a Best Buy Mobile standalone. Best Buy didn't shared what the pricing will be, although you can expect it to probably be around $250, and you only need to put $50 bucks down to secure your pre-order. Best Buy also offers the pre-order option of purchasing the phone outright, but $800 bucks might be a tough pill to swallow.

Again, this Best Buy pre-order offer is for their brick & mortar stores only, so head into your local Best Buy if you want to get the ball rolling.