Post JB OTA Tethering Issue - Mobile Hotspot On Then Turns Off Immediately


May 26, 2010
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Good day everyone,

After the JB OTA I've not been able to successfully tether on m Droid 4. I used to use the Mobile Hotspot feature (with the entitlement check 0 mod) without any issues whatsoever. Now when I try to enable to the hotspot it says "Turning on Mobile-Hotspot" for about 5-6 seconds, the notification comes up that says it's enabled for less than a second, then it says, "Turning off Mobile Hotspot."

So the first thing I thought of was those sneaky Vzw/Moto devs totally replaced that DB line with entitlement check = 1. So go in, screw around with SQL editors because I keep getting an error, and turns out that I still have my zero. So then I google the ish out of it, and there's a few reporting a similar issue on the Verizon Forums (gah!) with no decent responses.

Is this part of the new blocking on JB, where if my account is flagged Vzw can 'turn it off on their end' ? I've read a lot of stuff, but that doesn't seem possible. The IP routing/IPTables thing, i.e. Verizon not routing traffic from a certain 'local' (on-phone) IP seems possible, but then the IP Tables rule seems like it would work just fine.

I did read through both pages of the Complete Jellybean Tethering and Troubleshooting Thread but it didn't seem like my issue was addressed there. I mean, if a factory reset, or RSD Lite write is what's needed I will, I just hate to do that for 'nothing.' Anyone having this/resolved this issue?

Thanks guys.
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I can tether fine with the Mobile Hotspot app on my D4.

Make sure you did this as well..

select the moblie hotspot and when you set it up, make sure you change the dhcp from to or it wont work.