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Feb 1, 2010
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How do I keep from pocket dialing. My friends tell me I call the all the time. I don't remember calling them.

Also, when I am on the phone and accidently go to a different screen I do I get back to end the call. This phone can test my patience some times.
Turn the screen off when you put it in your pocket. I sleep it every time, as soon as I'm done using it, whether or not it's going in my pocket or not. Saves battery life too.

When you're on a call, if you go to any other screen, there will still be a call icon in the notification bar. Just pull it down and you can go back to the normal call screen to end, dial, etc etc.
Search the market for "Not Call Log." It allows you to set a preference that will automatically take you to your home screen -- i.e., away from the call log/phone/contacts area every time you end a call.

It's much harder to unintentionally pocket dial from the home screen than from the call log screen.
Agreed, call log is the problem. To be specific, the problem is the callback buttons down the right side. It is too easy to inadvertently hit one with the flesh of your right hand or your right thumb.

Android still has a ways to go. Unintentionally calling with the flesh of your palm, unintentionally ending calls with your cheek.

C'mon guys!