Dialing issues & phone log


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May 18, 2010
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I have a droid 2.2, which my wife has one of the same version also.

There are a couple issues that plague us as related to the dialer. Both are related to the Call Log that displays after you make a phone call.

My wife's issue is the pocket dial, or the lagged disconnect. What happens there is when you finish a call & hit the button to hang up, the phone sometimes is slow to respond, and it will store up the keystroke, and then dials the person who's 8th on the list. Since you don't know that it's dialing it, you put it away & your friend gets 5 minutes of shuffling on their voicemail. Either that, or when it flips over to the call log & you put the phone away, it touches something in her purse & dials someone.

My issue is with having to dial & re-dial quickly.

When I hit dial on a number that's busy, I'll hit the end call button. What happens next is that it will then go to the call log & then update & collapse the multiple times I'd have to do that, I'll then have to re-open the top entry, select the number to re-dial & then try it again. In all, it takes about 30-40 seconds per attempt.

Are there any settings that you can have on your droid to make the call log NOT be the screen that displays, or if it is, to NOT do all the sorting & summing of the call list?

I don't really want to purge the call history, but maybe would like to selectively manage call history for a particular set of numbers.

Any ideas?