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Dec 20, 2009
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PLEASE READ THIS:-- the droid has a memory deficit. maybe this was on purpose if it wasnt for that why would we ever need to upgrade. This is not rom specific we have paid attention to this but if you have not followed recommendations this will show up.

other roms have had to have themes done with a full rom release not as an add on this was due to the same memory in the system area problem.
If you do not have enough space in your system memory area the rom update will just close(this has been tested and is a fact) if you have enough space than it worked fine(yeah it did this to me last night while troubleshooting prior to release) i had 26k in system directory after deleting launcher 2 i had 4.5 megs.
Remember when pete released that thing where you had to reboot twice on install that was his way of trying to get around this by installing a lot to data. this also caused problems notice hes not doing that on his latest release. Every developer has fought with this same issue to offer you the most features while leaving you with enough memory left in system.

If you go through installing a theme and it comes back up with no change its most likely due to this same problem.
We have included easy uninstall of many system apps that you may not use. Especially Launcher 2. This was included per request as we have tried to address with each release a little something people have asked for. But launcher 2 is approx 5megs. If your not using it get rid of it.

Each 1.1 and 1.0 was insured to have at least 13 megs of available space left in system at release. If you installed 1.1 over 1.0 Than you did not have this space left at install of 1.1 .

This has been fast and furious for us since release as you can tell. we believe the rom is 100% stable and that there are enough themes at this time to keep everyone busy. so while we already know some tweaking of themes need to be done and we can do that for you and well announce when something has been updated were working on installing more stuff into data especially our additional apps and were going to work on and some other better memory optimizing techniques as well as V2.0 which is a rework of the entire base.

for those having problems with 1.3 im am betting this is the problem. Also if you did not update 1.1 to 1.2 you will not be able to get 1.3 without installing 1.2. This is because each release has little speed tweaks, script changes etc and we need to insure that you get each or problems will occur such as this not working or that because the script is not matching the commands that the rom is giving.

IRC is available through our website , its not hard and we sill be able to do more for you there than we can here. This was setup and we have been really doing our best to monitor all these areas. But we have a good set of helpers and testers at irc while only me and gflam can push fixes to your phone you'll find the people in the irc are very helpful and knowlegable about Sourcery.

to listenman20, yepitme19,YankinDaSouth,tdvaughn

Not only for testing all the features prior to each release to insure everything is working and for assisting with tech support issues :)

Also these guys help us out with trouble shooting in the forums . they know the rom well. so you can count on them to be pretty acurate and will let us know if we need to get with you to help you out.

now you see why im not a writer but i hope this made sense.
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