Photos in camera folder and personal ringtones wiped out...


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Sep 13, 2011
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I have a droid 2, global, stock from the store. About a week ago, my phone popped up an alert saying my SD card was unmounted and all my ringtones stopped working. This was a random alert, seeing that I didnt personally unmount the card. I pulled the battery, pulled out the card, reinstalled it, put battery back in and booted the phone back up. Didnt have any issues after that. Yesterday, I noticed my ringtones werent correct when they went off and saw that all my ringtones were gone, every picture in my Camera folder was wiped out as well as the download folder. But any other folders with pictures remained, my SMS notification remained and so did my music. Does anybody know what might have caused this? (I did put the memory card through my laptop (using an SD card adapter and not my phone) and none of the files were there either.) I find it very strange that only certain items on my SD card got wiped out and not the whole thing. I am not familiar with the whole "rooting" deal (hence why mine is stock from the store) and Im an "intermediate" user with the droid so im not completely familiar with any funky lingo lol. If anyone has any suggestions so i can prevent this from happening again, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also if anyone knows of any apps or websites where it can automatically backup your photos as you take them (without posting them for the world to see) kind of like a backup assistant for photos, Im open for suggestions on that too.