Phone returns to home screen while on a phone call


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Jan 3, 2011
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Synopsis: During a phone call, if I trigger the proximity sensor (by holding the phone to my ear), the phone returns to the home screen. I will often have to unlock the screen, as well. I expect that when I'm on a phone call, the phone will remain on the PHONE screen.

Why this is a problem: If I have to reach Verizon's tech support, for example, this is what I now have to go through:
1) dial number
2) listen to the option, "dial 1 for customer service, 2 for tech support..."
3) pull the phone away from my ear
4) unlock the screen
5) press the phone button to bring up the phone menu

6) press the keypad button on the phone screen to bring back the keypad
7) press 2

Steps 4,5, and 6 should not be required. Often, by the time I'm ready to key an entry in, I hear the, "Are you still there?" question. So, now I've turned off the screen lock, and STILL have to go through steps 5 and 6. ARRRGH.

This is EXTREMELY annoying. It makes me long for a simple phone. I called HTC and Verizon - neither have an answer for this problem.