NVIDIA Shield Tablet Receives Official TWRP Support!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Right on the heels of the release of the all new NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 comes TWRP support for the year and half old NVIDIA Shield Tablet. There have been unofficial builds of TWRP around the web, but you run the risk of a backup not working out when you try to recover it or something not flashing correctly. TWRP is always pretty trustworthy when it comes to their officially supported Recoveries.

The timing of this release may well be intentional. There is a chance that this version of TWRP may work with the new K1 tablet. This has not been tested. Either way it will be nice to be able to safely install a custom rom on the older NVIDIA Shield Tablet. Head to the link below to grab the files needed.

via TWRP