NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Gets an Update for Security, Several Minor Bug Fixes & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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The NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 just started receiving a new update from NVIDIA. The hottest gaming tablet on the planet needs some extra love and attention because the cutting edge sometimes develops more issues. This update improves security, fixes some bugs and more. Here's a quick breakdown of the changelog:

  • Optimized behavior of legacy apps that lead to instances of increased power consumption
  • Improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Fixed crashes in Performance, Power, and Display settings
  • Fixed crashes in Gamepad Mapper
  • Fixed Doom 3 not launching
  • Added back SHIELD controller touch pad functionality
  • Added support for Stylus Lasso Capture functionality
  • Update to Android 6.0 Security Patch Level January 2016
  • Fixes to App Optimization feature
Sound off if you have already received your update 1.1 for the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1.

Source: Support
Nothing here yet. Haven't checked for updates, but I was just reading a book on my K1 before bed last night and didn't get any notification of an update.
I suspect it will roll out in waves, so give it a week or so. ;)
No idea. I'm sure there is k1, k3 which came out before the k1 and then the k9 waiting to be released.