NVIDIA Relaunches the Shield Tablet With a New Lower Price of Just $199


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Dec 30, 2010
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NVIDIA is offering up a killer 2015 Holiday offer. They are relaunching a cheaper version of their impressive Shield Android tablet with a new name: The Shield Tablet K1. The new price is now only $199.99, but you don't really lose much with the cheaper price. The tablet has identical hardware and software as the previous $299.99 version. You still get the same full HD 1080p 8-inch display, plus the Tegra K1 CPU with 192-core NVIDIA Kepler architecture GPU and 2GB RAM. The tablet also includes 16GB storage (expandable to 128GB via MicroSD) and WiFi.

The only difference from the previous version is that NVIDIA is not including the built-in stylus, nor a slot on the side to hold one. It is still available and compatible as a separate accessory purchase. It also doesn't come with a charger or microUSB cable. The only other thing it lacks is LTE support, but at this price, that is unsurprising, and neither did the original version.

Here's a link to their web landing page to snap up this awesome stocking stuffer: Buy the New SHIELD tablet K1 - NVIDIA SHIELD Store
Not bad.
This is very tempting to me, since my 2012 Nexus 7 is on its last legs...I might actually use this for more than just nighttime reading...

Kinda lame that it doesn't even come with the charger. I can see taking out the "extras" like the controller and the case, but the charger is an essential piece to me.

I'll have to ponder on this one for a while and see how Christmas shakes out. I know Groupon's got a deal on the 2013 N7, which I know runs a bit smoother since my wife got one last time they had a similar deal, but that thing's gonna be long in the tooth before too long too.

Of course, if I'm really going to go this route, I think I'd have to go ahead and grab a controller...
Nice deal.. Too bad it's not available here....
My Shield tablet is a beast. I really use it a ton. The stylus is what I really like for writing.
I'm wondering if this refresh is to get the gear out the door in advance of a new model soon.
I think there are two reasons for the price reduction.

The Shield has not met sales expectations and there just may be a new model coming down the pike..
I use my Nexus 7 FHD I got for 99.99 at staples all the time, I never used my xoom that much, but I'm constantly watching netflix in bed and playing games. That's about the only reason I wouldn't get this. I'll wait and see if they drop a more powerful one then sell my n7 for 149.99 on craigslist cause that's what people are paying for them in my area.
Alright. I broke down and ordered one. I ordered through Amazon though. Same price on the tablet, but shipping costs are much better with Prime. Got one-day shipping with guaranteed delivery tomorrow for $3.99. $216.22 all told for just the tablet and one-day shipping.

One-day shipping from Nvidia directly is $25 and some change.
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Oh man. I may actually use this thing for more than just reading. What a wonderful change from my old Nexus 7. It responds as soon as you tap! I'm accidentally selecting things left & right!

Might have to see about getting a controller for Christmas... :)

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Need to drop another 100$ to be considered. I just picked up hp 7 g2 tablet for $50 brand new.
I have to respectfully disagree. I'm looking at the specs for that HP. It's got half the onboard storage, half the RAM, slower CPU, 1 speaker, sd card slot is listed as only supporting up to 32GB while the Nvidia supports up to 128. That's in a completely different category than the Nvidia imo.

I'd take my 2012 Nexus 7 over that HP and that's the tablet I just replaced. Sure, you got a great deal, but that doesn't mean this one's overpriced. The 2013 Nexus 7 still sells for over $100. Groupon's got an insane deal on that one and it's still $125 or so.

If that HP suits your needs, that great, but that would be a $50 downgrade from the tablet that I'm replacing with the Nvidia K1.

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I just got my K-1 tablet today. To those who have one, how long does it take to full charge from say, 40%?

This tablet didn't come with a charger so I'm using one of my chargers that I use with my droid turbo, no not the "turbo charger"

I also got the 128 GB memory card as a combo. Cost 266.00.

I used my Nexus 7 charger & it struggled to keep up when it got above 50% while I was using it, so I charged it powered of over night.

I also tried my power brick that has a 2.4 amp output & that had a hard time charging it while running too, which is funny, because I swear I read on the specs for the official charger that it maxes out at 2.1.

I've only had mine since yesterday, but I'd be interested in a cheaper alternative that could charge it during use.

It's a 5200mAh battery, so it's gonna take a while to charge if it's very low even with the tablet turned off.

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