No Luck With Update.....


Jan 30, 2011
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I tried the OTA update numerous times and numerous ways (rooted, not-rooted, 4G, 3G, wi-fi, etc) and it still did not work. I broke down and went to a Verizon store and spoke to tech support and as expected it was useless. They could not help me, so they are sending me a CLNR Droid RAZR. I *should* receive it tomorrow and we will see if that resolves the problem. The the tech did everything I did and had no luck either and said that when ICS is released (but would not say when that would be.......I suspect June) I would not be able to get the update with the current state of my phone and said I needed a new phone, but refused to get me a new phone and said it had to be a CLNR phone......we shall see if the update works tomorrow. The tech did say the Droid RAZR is their #1 phone and as he was working on my phone, the salesman next to me was selling two of them. :D
I just received the new phone and it came with the update. It seems to be running smoother so far. Let's hope it stays that way. :)
If you already got the replacement than you may not need this anymore but if you preferred to Kerri the brand new one you had, there was obviously something that keeper the update from installing. An easy fix would be to use mattlgroffs razr utility to restore the phone to full stock. Future updates would have been good.

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I want to say I tried that one as well, but I tried so many different things that I lost count. LOL. I believe the cause was a corrupt mms file.