2.2 update killed bluetooth connection


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Sep 22, 2010
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So I did the update today without incident, played some flash media and was happy. Then I noticed that my bluetooth (Blueparrott BT250-XT) wasn't working. It was working fine minutes before I did the update. The device was turned on, and the phone said that it was connected to the device. When an incoming call comes in, I can hear the ringtone on the bluetooth...so there is a connection there...but then when I answer the call, the bluetooth is useless. No audio in or out, though the phone works.

I tried restarting everything, but no luck. I dumped the bluetooth from the phone and repaired, but still nothing. I called Verizon tech support, and they had nothing useful to offer, so they sent me to Motorola tech support. 1st line Motorola tech support was useless, and they sent me to the 2nd line support. We went through everything again with no luck, then did a master reset. After all of my apps were nuked and the phone reactivated...still nothing. The phone thinks that it's paired with the bluetooth...the bluetooth thinks that it's paired with the Droid, and when I get an incoming call the bluetooth rings like it should, but then when I answer the call, the call goes to the phone only and the bluetooth just looks stupid and does nothing else. The 2nd level Motorola tech support guy said that I need to go to a Verizon store and get a replacement Droid, or send mine in and be without communication for 10 days or so.

Does anyone have any better answers than that?
I've had my Droid X freeze 5 times, since updating to 2.2 (less than 24 hours before posting this message), when trying to reconnect my Bluetooth headset (Samsung WEP870).

And I've noticed a significant increase in interference with the Bluetooth connection when WiFi is turned on, compared to 2.1. Every crash has occurred when both WiFi and Bluetooth are connected. This was never a problem in 2.1. So, I have to conclude that something is flaky in 2.2.
I have never been able to voice dial from my bluetooth headset on the Droid. I heard they were updating it with 2.1 and it would then work. It doesn't. Does anyone know how to make it work?
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Well I got a Fru out of Verizon, and now the Bluetooth works, but the device keeps restarting on it's own whenever it wants to. 2nd Fru is now on it's way. UGH!!