After Last Night Update Data still Dropping


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Dec 18, 2011
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I called Verizon and apparently a lot of Razr users are still having the ata dropping issues. The Verizon Tech said Motorola is working on an MR2 update should be out in a week to fix this issue.
My connectivity was great before the update and great now that I updated (so far)

Im hoping this update maintains my previous performance

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Didn't help mine. Lost 3g three times today-- last time I switched into airplane mode for a short time and back again and worked.

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Dropping data???? Its been my story before and after the update.....i had better luck before so I went back to stock/rooted pre update doesnt start dropping data real bad for a couple days and then it goes to hell which is the best i havr gotten. For the last month. Its been a fight to keep any sort of data connection which sucks seeing as I am on the og unlimited data :)
Yup, same here. Having dropped data issues with 4g. So I just switched to cdma and no data drop issues. I was getting 4g with 1-2 bars at my house but as soon as I did a speed test, bam data drop and switching over to 3g. I really hope Motorola is releasing another patch in the next week or 2. Please....

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I have the same issue! Even after the update yesterday my 3G CDMA signal goes in and out. I have 4G disabled to save battery life. This is ridiculous...
Same data drops here but never switches to 3G only in 4G. Rock solid if set to 3G only.
Set my phone to 3G only until the fix comes out. Rather be on 4G LTE al day since I live in a 4G zone but I rather have consistent 3G than constant data drop. Verizon and Motorola are aware so the fix should be days away.
My data drops seemed to come when streaming songs. Ill be fine one song, then 4gs gone and I just have basic signal, drops from 3g equally as much. Air plane mode seems to reset it if you leave it off for a few minutes. Or connect then disconnect from a wireless network.

I personally think its gotten worse since the update.

Plus now I'm not rooted