Nexus Dropping on Friday?

Well it's Thursday now. I went back to that store yesterday and the dude who told me the rumor was nowhere to be found. I asked around and they were tight lipped on the Nexus. They wouldn't say what they knew (if anything) about a release date. Pretty clear now that it is NOT going to drop tomorrow and that guy was full of it. He told me they were already receiving stock of it which is looking like a bald faced lie. Sorry the rumor didn't turn out to be true, I only passed along what the rep told me.
Wasn't the Razr only announced the day before it's release? Maybe there is hope for Friday

the razr was announced on the 1st of november and it was set on pre-order till the 11th.

No the Razr was announced on the 18th at the live event in New York. It went on preorder the 27th of October and came out the 11th.

Also on the Razr the FCC docs were revealed 3.5 weeks prior to the launch date and the FCC docs for the Rezound were revealed just under 3 weeks prior to launch date.

My guess is the Nexus is coming out the 21st. First the recent news and speculations say its coming out the week of the 21st and Second, the contest ends on the 21st which according to past events and past Nexus events, the day it ended is the day the phone came out. Its right there in front of us guys, all we gotta do is have faith and hope that what happened in the past is gonna repeat itself. If that's the case get your money out folks cause the 21st is the day :)

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Great marketing for sure. Love how all these folks speculate but nobody knows for sure. Its got a lot of people in a frenzy....and anxious to buy. I bet they are loving the fact that the longer they wait...the more antsy people become and the more eager consumers get to pay. Gonna be a big day for sales when it comes out. I know I have my money saved and an upgrade on standby

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