Nexus Dropping on Friday?


Nov 23, 2009
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Ok, I was at the Taste of Orlando event today (a bunch of restaurants and retailers basically throwing a party). Verizon had a very big tent and they were having a phone giveaway. The guy asked me if I wanted to enter. Of course I was thrilled to until I learned the phone they were giving away was a Droid 3. Yeah, I'm not going to subject myself to all the spam for that phone and I told the guy as much. He asked what phone I wanted and I told him the Nexus. He said I'd have to wait until next Friday to get that one. I asked him if he was sure about that, he said they are already getting them in stock. He was messing around with one earlier in the day.

So there you have it. A post from a guy that none of you know (me) about a rumor from a guy that I don't even know. Take it for what you will but that guy was convinced that Friday was the day. I don't trust him, but I sure hope he was right!
I hope the guy is right as well. If true, next weekend will be a great one. It's supposed to be released overseas on Thursday.

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Thanks for the info... But why not take a free droid 3?

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knowing quite a few verizon reps they said it was dropping early morning on friday... they all have to report in for work early (this is at different locations) for the am release.
I'm getting excited. Now, if Verizon can finally send out the email notification I signed up for in regards to the Nexus.

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He was talking about the 18th. Sound like he's not the only one. Funny no rumors about the 18th have surfaced.
tht sounds a tad bit strange, you'd think that they would announce its release at least a week in advance to get things stirring....unless they announce a release date monday then release on friday which still sounds odd....

but dont care i just want one... ;-)
tht sounds a tad bit strange, you'd think that they would announce its release at least a week in advance to get things stirring....unless they announce a release date monday then release on friday which still sounds odd....

but dont care i just want one... ;-)

in 1 of the many rumors etc. there was only a 2 day from announce or posters to release. i think it was ads on the 15th release on the 17th. so whether those dates stick or not the only 2 day lead time may.
This may in fact be the day!!! Check this out! Someone over at talked to a VZW rep and got similar information!

link: ***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release thread*** (11/17 release date per our VZW Source (11/9)) - Page 550 - Android Forums


"Well I went to Verizon today. I was feeling left out, not having inspected the Razr for myself. It's a nice enough phone. Felt ok in the hand, not very warm at all.
I spotted a rep that has chatted with me for over two years and thought I'd give it my best shot to get any Nexus tidbit to share with my Android family. My approach was to ask about a tablet one of my family members was interested in. She was aware of it but didn't know if Big Red would be getting it at all. Then I eased into the Nexus by totally butchering the name.
She was totally aware of the SGN. In fact she was excited about it and preceeded to give me a lot of info on it..including that its 32g and Verizon didn't take the SGII because they wanted a phone that the other carriers wouldn't have. (Her info..not me) I asked her if she had one I could see. Here's the rest from Sam (not her real name)
Sam: I don't have them yet.
Me: Oh, so I would have to wait a long time? This upgrade I have is eating a hole in my pocket.
Sam: No I'm guessing it will be here this Friday. Or it might be the following Monday. We already have the accessories and we get training this week. We usually have the phones 3 or 4 days after that.
Me: Wow! so this phone you've got me totally geeked about could be in this Friday?
Sam: They don't tell us the exact day phones drop anymore. Most reps have a big mouth and would be telling everybody. We'll be told the day before or the day of the release. I'm sure I'll have the demo in here this week. I'll call you. Come by, we'll take it for a ride!
Me: That would be cool. Now would I order this phone online?
Sam: Not this one, we'll have stock in store.
Me: Oh wait...I'm leaving town on the 22nd for Thanksgiving. I guess I'll have to wait until I get back.
Sam: Tuesday the 22nd? I would hope you'd have your phone by then. If something changes, I'll just preordeer it for you since it will be in the warehouse. You'l have it to play with a few days before its released.
Me: Out of curiosity, how's Razr sales so far. That's a pretty slick phone.
Sam: Soft...wait for the Nexus.

That's all I could get. I know when to back away and be cool. I could see the manager looking at us and didn't want to get her in trouble. If she is excited now, wait until she goes through training!

I hope you all can get something in the conversation to help you hold out another week or two. I'm convinced this phone is all its promised to be."

--Ruestor @
Now I'm even more pumped. Especially since I broke my belt clip for my D2. Wahoo! Next wait is for my transformer to get ICS.
I met with,among other Verizon reps, the director of east coast operations for vw. He assured me I would be seeing the nexus on Friday

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I am really hoping this is true!!